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Name X-Lite
Platform(s) Windows XP,Mac OS
Website http://www.counterpath.com/

X-Lite is a popular SIP client for Windows and MacOS X. It also works under Wine if you select windows 98 compatibility. Here is how to set it up to connect to SOWN VoIP.

To setup a connection right click on the X-Lite logo as highlighted in red on the picture below and select "SIP Account Settings..." from the menu.

(Image no longer available)

You should now see a list of SIP accounts you have. Select the default account and click on properties as shown below:

(Image no longer available)

You should now see the properties page for that account. In the "Display Name", "Username" and "Authorization user name" enter the SOWN VoIP username you signed up with. Enter your password in the "Password" box. For the "Domain" enter "dev.sown.org.uk". In the "Domain Proxy" section select the "Register with domain and receive incoming calls" check box. For "Send outbound via:" select the "Domain" option. If your username was test1 the properties page should look like so:

(Image no longer available)

You should now be able to click okay to the properties dialogue box and close the "SIP Accounts" screen. X-Lite should now connect to SOWN and you should be able to proceed as normal.