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Workshop (to be) held on 2019/02/21 at 18:00 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room

Previous workshop: 7 February 2019 18:00:00 Next workshop: 11 September 2021 14:00:00

Task List


SOWN IPv4 Migration

  • Added SOWN public IP address for admin-dev, so that it is easier to test development work of the koseven admin site.

SOWN Server Upgrades

  • Still need to upgrade Sown-gw. No blockers except physical access if something goes wrong.

SOWN Monitoring Upgrade

  • No planned progress

Wireless Quality Monitor

  • Cmalton to report

Node Firmware


  • Update topology to show UoS side of VRRP.

Todo List

To be determined at the workshop

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18:00:00, 21 February 2019 +
20:00:00, 21 February 2019 +