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Workshop (to be) held on 2019/01/24 at 18:00 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room

Previous workshop: 22 November 2018 18:00:00 Next workshop: 7 February 2019 18:00:00

Task List


SOWN IPv4 Migration

  • Reconfiguring Sown-auth2 routing to allow use of address
    • No progress

SOWN Server Upgrades

  • Added LACP group so the guest on Sown-vms can have a 3Gbps bonded connection was configured.
  • Upgrading Sown-gw to 16.04
    • No progress
  • Working on koseven version of admin site for Sown-auth2 upgrade
    • No progress

Moving zepler-websdr to Sown-vms VM

  • Setup and WebSDR web interface running as expected on

Routing Issues using Sown-gw2 as primary gateway

  • Various manual changes needed to routing pn Sown-monitor to fix check failures
    • These were needed because conntrackd was not properly configured to support asymmetric routing properly.
    • Changes have been made to conntrackd to fix the IPv4 issues.
    • A deeper look into conntrackd is needed to fix the v6 issues.

SOWN Monitoring Upgrade

  • No short-term plans due to current workload

Wireless Quality Monitor

  • Reporting useful data to help fix no default gateway issue with Eduroam clients
    • We are still seeing some issues but much reduced.
  • Additional features for future monitoring?

Node Firmware

  • No short-term plans due to current workload


  • No short-term plans due to current workload

Todo List

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