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Workshop (to be) held on 2013/11/16 at 10:30 in Access Grid Room

Previous workshop: 1 August 2013 18:00:00 Next workshop: 30 October 2014 18:00:00

Task list

  • Fix usage cap disabling of wireless interface on home nodes - Done by morse
    • Code to do this is in application/classes/package/config/backfire/core.php:255
                       /* Node might not have a deployment ... */
                       if($node->currentDeployment !== NULL)
                                       $config['wifi-device'][$dev_name]['disabled'] = 1;
    • morse has added irc_notify debugging, we should get notified when a node gets an interface disabled
    • morse has added 'wireless' config-update checks to icinga, we should know if a node is _not_ downloading the 'wirless' file every hour or so.
    • daveruss can confirm his node is disabling / re-enabling appropriately based on this usage cap.
  • Ensure node settings can be managed by node admins in the new node system. (twodo:task/5)
    • No progress
  • Enable emails for node down / node up / node over cap to node admins.
    • crwilliams has sorted this for node down and node up.
      • daveruss has enabled this and it seems to work fine.
    • daveruss has written an over usage cap script tellservicenodeadmin on Sown-monitor could be extended to email node admins about other service problems. This supercedes to original tellnodeadmincap cap script written by Scorpia.
      • This script has been enabled by creating the new notification command nodeadmin-service-notify-by-email and adding it the icinga config generated for a node on Sown-auth2 at /srv/www/default/application/classes/package/config/lucid/monitoring.php.
  • Icinga config
  • Node flashing OM2P
    • Scorpia did this, following instructions at [1]. This seems to be a watchdog issue much like the OM1P. We may need to install the "special" revision of Attitude Adjustment.
  • Installing SOWN config on TP-Link MR3020
    • Scorpia was going to do this but the build takes forever to complete.
  • SOWN Node on a Raspberry Pi
  • Zepler Node building with ALIX Board.
    • No progress. Of slikley less importance now SOWN Zepler has been fixed.
  • Fix adding multiple SSIDs to nodes - Done by daveruss
  • IPv4 space got filled - we extended it downwards to be a /18
    • We are now using This allows for 64 wireless subnets
  • IPv6 space was a mess
    • Turned out the original allocation was wrong (what is 2001:630:d0:f770::/57?).
    • We extended it downwards, then str-replaced the old addresses to be in the new range.
      • We are now using 2001:630:d0:f780::/58. Nodes that were using 2001:630:d0:F77X have been changed to 2001:630:d0:F78X.
    • As v6 is not currently in use by anything on the nodes this should not be a problem.
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