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Workshop (to be) held on 2012/03/29 at 17:30 in Access Grid Room

Previous workshop: 22 March 2012 17:30:00 Next workshop: 12 April 2012 17:30:00

Task List

  • Work on package management system



It seems that getting Doctrine to work with Kohana is not so straightforward.

Here is our installation process...

sudo apt-get install git-core
mkdir ~username/kohana-additions
cd ~username/kohana-additions
git clone

This checks out Doctrine2 for Kohana into ~username/kohana-additions/KODoctrine2/modules/doctrine2

Go to

Please note that this page lists releases in an unusual order. The latest x.y release will be at the top of the page, but the latest x.y.z version of that release will be at bottom of the section.

Obtain the URL pointed to by the 'Download Archive' link. At the time of writing, we executed...

tar -zxf DoctrineORM-2.2.1-full.tar.gz
mv DoctrineORM-2.2.1/* ~username/kohana-additions/KODoctrine2/modules/doctrine2/classes/vendor/doctrine

rm DoctrineORM-2.2.1-full.tar.gz
rm -r DoctrineORM-2.2.1

ln -s ~username/kohana-additions/KODoctrine2/modules/doctrine2/ /usr/share/php/kohana3.2/modules/doctrine2

Ensure that bootstrap.php loads 'doctrine2' in the call to Kohana::modules(); ie:

'doctrine2' => MODPATH.'doctrine2',
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