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Workshop (to be) held on 2009/11/14 at 11:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous workshop: 17 October 2009 11:00:00 Next workshop: 12 December 2009 11:00:00

Task List

  • Fixing
    • VPN
      • Debsums check.
    • Auth
      • PHP Errors (see /var/log/messages)
        • Portal fsockopen
        • banned_macs
      • is /usr/src -> /home/large_directories/usr_src/ ok?

  • Logging
    • Has been sorted out, see Logging
    • Data is now being collated but not yet graphed

  • Node Firewalls and BitTorrent Tracking
    • This has been tidied up and there is now one central location for the logging and it is fired off by syslog-ng rather than a cron job.
    • We need to look into layer7 banning on the hotspot nodes to check this again.
    • All database logging is now on auth.

  • Server Software Updates (mysql ssh php etc)
    • Done on all servers

  • Security tests on the network.
    • Some done with BitTorrent

  • Build a new campus node
    • ALIX_2C2 board reinstalled, which now has OpenWRT on and is configured to come up as on the ethernet port closest to the power jack. - Paul

    • Installation and configuration of relevant software

    • restrict nfsen access to sown-admin only
    • node startup script for softflowd
    • setupnode script to install softflowd + dependencies
    • push out to all nodes
    • install/setup/configure on campus nodes
    • configure gw to collect traffic reports from all nodes
    • modify nfsen to report historic details in address popups,
    • extend address popups to include mac address, uid etc (but not anything DPA visible)
    • investigate giving node-owners `their node only' access
    • investigate using nfdump to implement node/user traffic limitting

  • Buying new nodes plan

  • Open TTD on sown-dev

  • 802.11a ?
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