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Workshop (to be) held on 2009/09/26 at 11:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous workshop: 22 August 2009 Next workshop: 17 October 2009 11:00:00

Task List

  • Fridge improvements
    • daveruss has implemented clockwise opening of the fridge door at the expense of anti-clockwise opening, as it was found impossible to allow both at the same time.
    • daveruss is to turn the fridge back on on Sunday morning.
  • Mary Campbell Room door
  • Preparations for new members (Projects and Presentations)
    • Added recruitment 'adverts' to web site, login page and portal.
    • Create a spec for the voip box
      • morse will look at doing this.
    • Create bunfight nodes
      • Major issues were encountered relating to the firewall configuration on the nodes.
      • 2 bunfight nodes have been created.
        • Tested successfully on iSolutions network.
        • Successful login.
      • morse will create a third, and is also going to bring a 20m patch cable.
  • Bringing old nodes up to date
    • No time, but morse can do this from home.
  • Double check campus nodes
    • This is to be done as we leave.
  • Todo List hacking
    • Mcobden has done some more work on this.
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