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  • Time: 11am onwards
  • Place: Mary Campbell Room (meet outside North entrance if you do not have access to the building)

Task List

  • New security checks on core servers.
    • tripwire on auth, vpn and gw, hooked in nagios.
    • md5sum and further checks to ensure files don't change
    • Host integrity check on nagios
  • Network Audit (databases, ldap).
  • Merge MRTG and Nagios graphs where appropriate, link from the page


  • Shut down auth to check what breaks on main website.
  • Manchester nodes
  • Bring undeployed nodes up to date
  • Build a couple more campus-tunnelled nodes
  • Only node accounts
  • Usage cap configuration
  • Alternative to guest accounts
  • Single Eduroam cloud
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August 22, 2009 +
August 22, 2009 +