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Task List

  • Database Permissions Audit (crwilliams)
  • Finish secure docpot on sown-auth (daveruss)
  • Layman's guide to port-forwarding to a SOWN[at]HOME node
  • Permissions setup on helios for areas not developable from dev (eg: /wiki, /todo)
  • Updating wiki pages for ZeplerNode and StagsNode
  • Test watchdog on OpenWRT for kernel panics
  • Relogin page so that users can login from a different user account (Davetaz)
  • Node users can add a community user who can access their node during the current deployment only. The user can request that this account be upgraded to work on other nodes when they attempt to log into another node. (Davetaz)

Power outage issues

  • Database corruption fixing guide
  • Nat firewall: sownbot port not open again (see IRC 2009/06/07 12:37)
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June 13, 2009 +
June 13, 2009 +