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  • dev8D preparation
  • code cleanup
  • Location Tracking
  • Test SOWN[at]HOME with bandwidth limits
  • Creating wiki pages for advertising and explaining how to setup up new SOWN[at]HOME features
  • Testing of IPv6 on sown-zepler
  • Plans for a temporary backup server (whilst server changes and moves take place)
  • Handling of multiple DNS addresses in Nagios
  • Fix timelines on the wiki
  • Reflash node 249 (probably?)
  • Security audit regarding 'proxying' from public facing site

Activities undertaken

  • dev8D preparation done but needs to be debugged during the week.
  • Handling of multiple DNS addresses in Nagios was completed by Crwilliams before the Workshop commenced.
  • devbackup is installed and ready to be racked in bld16. Has sown facing configuration on sown-backup. No running config (ie backup scripts)
  • Testing of IPv6 on sown-zepler - Done successfully, zepler is now classed as fully deployed.
  • Deployment of IPv6 on sown-susu - in progress
  • made 7core sit on sown-vlan and implement get the nrpe stuff working
  • Reflash node 249 (probably?) - bricked -(give it to morse)
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January 31, 2009 +
January 31, 2009 +