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  • Time: 11am - When it gets dark / People get bored
  • Place: Building 32 Level 4 Demo Room (meet outside North entrance if you do not have access to the building)


  • Traffic-shaping testing
  • Port-blocking
  • Download caps (daily and monthly)
  • Banning users
  • Bandwidth monitoring graphs (replacement for cacti)

The first part of the session (11am-1pm) will mostly be taken up with hacking this stuff. If you feel you do not have the expertise for this you may not want to turn up till 1pm when we will move on to do some 802.11a testing. If you do want to turn up feel free but a lot of the stuff might go over your head and it is not the easiest stuff to try to explain whilst we are hacking the code.

802.11a testing (1pm-4pm) will involve one involve two nodes, one with a directional aerial and another with an omni aerial, so everyone will have an opportunity to get involved in this testing.

Activities undertaken

802.11a testing

Soekris board (running OpenWRT): - eth0 (closest to power) - to set up ath0 run

wlanconfig ath0 destroy
wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode sta 

this puts it in client mode - ath0

WRAP 1.E (running OpenWRT): - eth0 (closest to power) - ath0

You can then ping between the ath interfaces

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