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  • Time: 11am - When it gets dark / People get bored
  • Place: Building 32 Level 4 Demo Room (meet outside North entrance if you do not have access to the building)

General Plan

This is the first Surgery of the 2008 session. It is a chance for those interested in SOWN to find out about how things work and play with some of our kit. Some work is required on certain pieces of hardware. This can be carried out in this period.


  • Test SOWN-Zepler node ready for deployment next week
    • Two prisms cards appear to be broken
      • One has the connectors broken
      • One just doesn't seem to output at high power

  • Setting up of Meraki with amplifier and range testing
    • Carried out some testing using the Meraki with the amplifier
      • Initially had problems associating
      • Run some signal test from south end of level 4 of the street to the pedestrian crossing just south of building 32 (all tests done using daveruss' Acer laptop)
        • Test 1 (10 samples): -66.8dBm at 56.3/100 quality
        • Test 2 (10 samples): -67.4dBm at 55.5/100 quality
        • Test 3 (10 samples): -66.2dBm at 57.6/100 quality
      • Ran same test using POE rather than direct mains power
        • Test 1 (10 samples): -68.3dBm at 52.1/100 quality
        • Test 2 (10 samples): -64.7dBm at 56.4/100 quality
        • Test 3 (10 samples): -65.4dBm at 54.4/100 quality
      • Tested using POE from outside on the grass by the Students' Union
        • Test 1 (10 samples): -76.3dBm at 42.2/100 quality
        • Test 2 (10 samples): -75.4dBm at 49.2/100 quality

  • Rebuilding sown-7core ready so mobile home agent can be deployed
    • Was successfully rebuilt and ready for redeployment

  • 802.11a Testing
    • Firmware was set up on the WRAP board so it can be used for 802.11a

  • Update and carry out tasks on the Todo List
    • There was no time to do any of these tasks
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