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SOWN Workshop 6 (Saturday 23rd February 2008)

This will be a workshop focusing on node hardware and range testing. We will meet outside the North door of building 32 (Vista), at 11am.

If anyone needs wiki accounts setting up - please request via IRC.


  • Build zepler node using the new router-board
  • Range test the new zepler node with the new high-gain a antenna
  • Formalise the IPv6 deployment plan.
  • Devise routing for backhauled nodes.
  • Survey the existing infrastructure for hard-coded 10.13 addresses
  • Reflash a sown@home node manually (so you understand what the automated tool does!)
  • Update all relevant documentation


  • New Card can transmit up to 18dBm
  • The CM9 can transmit up to 19dBm
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