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SOWN Surgery (Saturday 15th December 2007)

Below is a list of jobs and people I can think of to do them. Feel free to assign yourself to the ones you are interested in even if you don't know how to do them. If there is someone there who knows then I'm sure theycan help. Since this is a workshop can I please ask people to bring laptops if they have them to work on.

  • Wireless A testing using out shiny new cards.
  • Initial multi-cast tests.
  • Fix the vlan routing problems.
  • Fix the stats page?
  • Move sensitive data (passwords) outside the web-server root, and put the website in SVN.
    • (We can then 'svn revert' files which break, and test scripts on other machines)
  • Fix the Gateway-Code for @Home nodes. (Allows HOME users to see subnets not on the nodes vlan.
  • Allow users to be banned by Email Address, MAC Address and UID. (May need changes to the authentication code)
  • Web interface to show VPN-Server status.
  • Cron job to ensure all VPN-Server configs are generated, and the server is running.
  • Setup-node script to trigger the above cron job.

Work Done

Great-Britain's [iso3166] code is 826

Discovered MADWifi drivers for Ubiquiti XR5's have a deliberate 10dB offset, e.g. if it says 18dB in the driver it's actually at 28dB.

lspci is provided in the 'pciutils' openwrt package.

These three tests were using one 9db Omni-Antenna, and a 5Ghz patch antenna [A5]

  • Between two XR5s the link quality is at 36Mb, over 10m in ug-labs. Link quality is 64+/70.
  • In B.32, from one end of corridor to the other, link quality at 59/70. With one door closed, 51 and with both closed 46.
  • From B.32 to second bench on path near SUSU, Link quality is 22, bit-rate 36mbps, signal -64 and noise -86