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SOWN Surgery

Below is a list of jobs and people I can think of to do them. Feel free to assign yourself to the ones you are interested in even if you don't know how to do them. If there is someone there who knows then I'm sure theycan help. Since this is a workshop can I please ask people to bring laptops if they have them to work on.

  • form to accept / reject node requests. - Colin, Dave N
  • Construct list of potential home node sites
  • local survey of sites for additional home nodes
    • James can provide GPS so netstumbler can record coverage, GPS Visualiser can map it. - Guy (I'll tag along with this if necessary but i don't have any of the GPS stuff.)
  • Send emails to those who have been rejected/accepted - Dave N
  • Initial multicast tests. - Dave T, Oli (Interested but no experience)
  • IPv6 firewall - Guy (Interested but no experience), Oli (Interested but no experience)
  • SOWN Report. Paul D, Dave T, Dave N
  • Fix the stats page? - Colin
  • Move sensitive data (passwords) outside the web-server root, and put the website in SVN.
    • (We can then 'svn revert' files which break, and test scripts on other machines)
  • Fix the Gateway-Code for @Home nodes. (Allows HOME users to see subnets not on the nodes vlan.
  • Allow users to be banned by Email Address, MAC Address and UID. (May need changes to the authentication code)
  • Web interface to show VPN-Server status. - Colin, Oli (Interested, little experience)
  • Cron job to ensure all VPN-Server configs are generated, and the server is running.
  • Setup-node script to trigger the above cron job.

Work Done and Notes

old-Faraday Node Wrap Board, has IP, interface nearest power port, CM9-00:0b:6b:35:c7:21 with address

old-SUSU Node Soekris Board, has IP, interface nearest serial port, CM9-00:0b:6b:35:C8:F5 with address

Both these installs have non-standard root passwords.

Antenna: A5

At point-blank range between Omni::Directional-Panel the signal strength is 55/70 Level=-28dBm Noise=-83dBm [cables 13 & 21]

One-extra connector, with 3m of cable. The signal strength is 44/80 Level=-41dBm Noise=-85dBm [cables r2]

A different coupler, no long cable. The signal strength is 60/70 Level=-27dBm Noise=-87dBm [cables 21, 15 & 12]

The same coupler, with the long cable. The signal strength is 51/70 Level=-35dBm Noise=-86dBm [cables 21, 14 and r2]

Different couplers and cable. The signal strength is 37/50 Level=-49dBm Noise=-86dBm [cables 21, 23 and r1]

With 8 connectors. The signal strength is 38/70 Level=-45dBm Noise=-83dBm [cables 21 14 12 and r1]

With a different length of cable. The signal strength is 61/70 Level=-21dBm Noise=-82dBm [cables 21 23 r7]

With yet another length of cable. The signal strength is 62/70 Level=-25dBm Noise=-87dBm [cables 21 23 r6]

Antenna: A6 With a new antenna. The signal strength is 52/70 Level=-33dBm Noise=-85dBm [cables 21 23 r6]

With the same antenna. The signal strength is 61/70 Level=-22dBm Noise=-85dBm [cables 13 21]

Conclusion: COAX is rubbish for 802.11a

  • Setup-node script to set default route and gateway for non-dhcp nodes
  • AJAX on the main website page to make it load a little faster?
  • Logging of the SOWN IRC channel on sown-nat - currently broken by ECS firewall.
    • Decision to use eggdrop bot
    • Will run as user eggrun, shared things from /usr/share/eggdrop, local things and logs to /home/eggrun/
    • Logs stored in /home/eggrun/logs - will be labelled as sown.log.YYYYMMDD (for date ordering)
    • Was set up with no remote access, no botnet, and likely unneeded modules disabled. User sown for logging into bot. Ra was for testing and can be removed
    • Had problem where IRC connection upstream was unstable (ECS firewall?), since been resolved?
  • Setup-node script to add nodes to DNS for reverse-DNS records.
  • Outdoor Meraki testing
    • Coridoor testing: From south end to north end building 32: 70% at middle, 65% at north end
    • With Meraki and Meraki antenna: 80% outside building, 50% at careers, 20% road, lose at library
    • With Meraki and P10 patch, A12 antenna, R4 cable: 60% outside building, 30% careers, 10% road, lose at library

POE-3 works with the old-faraday board.

  • 802.11a testing - 2 to 4 people depending on what stage. - Oli (Interested, lacking experience)

Last week doing the testing down the Vista Corridor with 2 nodes and 2 CM9 cards we got a 36Mb/s link with tx-power 17dbm. This was achieved with Link Quality 18/70 / Signal Level -71dbm / Noise Level= -89dbm

This week with one Omni, and a Directional, we had 36Mb/s with tx-power ?. This was achieved with Link Quality 31/70 / Signal Level -58dBm /Noise Level=-89dBm

The firewall on NAT was fixed to solve our strange DNS issues. This involved adding -o eth2 to the nat rules.

  • Node/Service status monitoring

Nagios installed on VPN, storing data in MySQL database on auth. Config files still need to be generated from the node database.

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