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Update Needed
This page needs to be updated

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This page documents the features of the SOWN Web Site ( that was most recently redesigned over the Easter vacation 2008.



This needs to be completely redeveloped, in order to provide relevant technical? information about SOWN, that is interesting from an academic/research perspective.

Update the introduction to reflect updates to the corresponding section on the Wiki.

Contact Us / Meet the Team

The 'contact us' form is complete, and is unlikely to require significant change. The meet the team stuff needs to be created.


It if felt that the stats graph pages could be improved, and gathered together with the service/node status page, and possibly even the map to create a new 'data section'.


This is a further section to the site, which will use a similar style, but will essentially be a separate entity. Further discussion of SOWN Portal should be made on its own page.

Community Aspects

It has been decided that SOWN needs to put work into its community aspect see community.

Other Sections

These have been checked and conform with the style of the rest of the site.

  • IRC Logs
  • Node Request
... more about "Website"
Please share your views and suggestions on this page +