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Thos project is the development of the replacement of current physical servers with Virtual Machine VM builds and their definitions using Puppet] so new servers can be quickly spun up. The following list is the current core functionalities builds that need to be built to replace existing physical servers more than one of these core functionalities may be installed per VM but these core functionalities should be separated out to make it easier to install as required on a VM:


APT Packages Required

  • build-essential
  • software-properties-common
  • python-software-properties

RADIUS Authentication

A replacement to the existing RADIUS server running on Sown-auth2. We may also want to think about having a secondary RADIUS server for redundancy.


Node VPN Tunnels

Nodes and Servers Admin System

More information can be found here.


More information can be found here.


More information can be found here. The general project for this is known as SOWN Backup Cloud

OpenWRT Buildroot