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VioletRoadNode was Nicholas Humfrey's node in 2003.


This SOWN node is a Mini-ITX motherboard with Netgear PCI card put in a waterproof box and mounted on a big pole attached to my chimney (!). Power and Ethernet is run down the chimney. It is running PebbleLinux. See the Mini-ITX page for information on buying your own. Before the Mini-ITX system, it used to be an Apple Aiport Base Station. I also added a webcam and a strobe, just for the fun of it. The strobe could be turned on and off wirelessly!

Photos of Violet Road Node


VIA EPIA 5000 All In One Motherboard £80.00
ITX Power Supply
128Mb RAM
128Mb Compact Flash
IDE Flash Card Adaptor
PCI Riser Card
Netgear MA311GE Wireless PCI
Solwise 12db Omni £56.40
Wimo 30cm REVSMA -> N-Female Pigtail £27.54 (inc delivery)
N-Male -> N-Female extension
Creative Webcam Pro
Maplin Cable Glands £0.89
Maplin Waterproof Box £8.99
Maplin Wall Bracket () £6.99
Total £Lots

Installation on Roof

I attached a 4.5inch Stand-Off Wall Bracket from Maplin and mounted it on the rear chimney of my house. Then used the u-bolts it came with to bolt on the 5' pole that Sly kindly gave me !

I decided that the best way to get the wires into the house was down the chimney! Because of the location of the aerial it was difficult to get the wires into the attic, and I didn't want them loosly hanging down the roof. I attached the ends of the power and ethernet cables to a small bag of pebbles and lowered it down the chimney. Had a little pile of soot at the bottom of the chimney - but it worked well ! I then joined lots of cable ties together to prevent the wires from sliding down the chimney and waving arround on the roof.

The U-bolts which came with the aerial I bought from Solwise were too big to grip the pole properly, so insead I bought some M5 bolts from the hardware shop. On the opposite side to the hoops that hold the aerial, I put a steel strip with holds drilled in it. The bolts then extend inside the plastic box, attaching it to the mast.