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Update Needed
This page needs to be updated

This page will need updating after moving to the subnet.



  • Dnsmasq on vms
  • Gives out IPs from a vm specific subnet
  • Should we use it for DNS?

VM Creation

Creation Script

  • Python
    • Use /opt/sown/vm-scripts/install.py
usage: install.py [-h] [-a ADDRESS] [-r RAM] [-d DISK] [-c CPU] [-p PUPPET]
                  [-l LOGIN] [-k KICKSTART] [-i IMAGE] [-o OSVERSION]
                  [-n NETWORK] [-m] [-D]

  • Sane default hardware parameters
    • Disk: 40GB
    • RAM: 1GB
    • CPU: 1
  • Disk size can be overridden
  • RAM + CPU can just be edited after install
  • Hostname needs to be set
  • Sends email with details of vm to support@sown.org.uk when done
    • Include IP allocated over dhcp from dnsmasq


  • Setup networking interface
  • Install packages
    • openssh-server and enables it
    • puppet
    • ntpd and enable it
  • Disables network-manager if enabled
  • Enables security updates
  • Setup partitioning
    • LVM or normal partitions?
      • Probably LVM
    • Auto swap partition
    • Rest root partition
  • Disable root password login
  • Create admin sown user with committee password


  • Use firehol
  • Allow all outgoing traffic
  • Allow all inbound internal traffic
  • Allow inbound external ping


  • Static IP Allocation for now
    • Using the subnet (i.e. to for DHCP allocated addresses based on MAC.
    • IPv6 addresses should be 2001:630:d0:f700::X/64
  • Network Bridge setup on host. Edit /etc/network/interfaces
auto br0
iface br0 inet static
	dns-search sown.org.uk
	bridge_ports em1

iface br0 inet6 static
        address 2001:630:d0:f700::237
        netmask 64
  • Define Bridge as a libvirtd network.
    • Make a tmp network.xml file with:
	<forward mode="bridge"/>
	<bridge name="br0"/>
    • Define it with sudo virsh net-define network.xml
    • Edit /etc/kimchi/template.conf and set the default network (main section) to sown, (Note: Trailing comma is required)


  • Nothing for now, will possibly come up with something
  • Still configure / set it up


Test vm's should be named testn, n being a positive integer.

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This page will need updating after moving to the subnet. +