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Lionel is priveledged to be Secretary of the Wireless Society for the 2009/10 academic year and attempts to keep up with the hyper-skilled techies therein in order to learn a thing or two along the way in an enjoyable way.. Since the age of about nine he has been fascinated by discovering about and experimenting with electronic communications technologies and playing with datacomms kit.. much to the detriment of available space in his flat, he hasn't been able to recover ever since!

In more recent years Lionel's passion for local and international Community Development especially by leveraging ICT has been facilitated by involvement with SOWN and the expertise of our Southampton University Wireless Society as he provides network services to some members of the community sharing the same building he currently resides in.

He is motivated to extend community internet access and usage to improve sector participation and currently would like to develop VoIP facilities using Asterisk as a part of this.

Being an ITO guy, and as evidenced by this Wiki entry, he can allow himself verbosity and usually enjoys meeting and getting to know people.. So if you wanna chat, leave pine a message on and hopefully he will return the favour!

June 2009