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link titleSOWN's topology has changed much over the past decade or so. Initially focusing more on wireless mesh networking, today, we use a mixture of wired, wireless, and virtual interfaces in our network.

Our servers are located within the School of Electronics and Computer Science at University of Southampton. Using VLANs we can also access the SOWN internal network in many places throughout the whole university, assuming that the network port is on the SOWN VLAN.

SOWN[at]HOME nodes make use of their ADSL connection for two purposes. Firstly Internet traffic from clients on the node is routed through the ADSL connection. Secondly, a SSH/VPN tunnel is established across the internet to sown-auth2 where they have access to the SOWN VLAN, for authentication and later for access to our other services.

IPv6 connectivity is achieved by routing traffic via sown-gw.

IP assignments for the core nodes are shown in the following diagram, also see AddressAllocation.