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Jump to: navigation, search is SOWN's VPN server.

It has a 2.13Ghz Xeon processor with 2GiB2,048 MiB
2,097,152 KiB
0.00195 TiB
of memory. It has a 80GiB81,920 MiB
83,886,080 KiB
0.0781 TiB
SATA hard drive and it has 4x Gigabit network interfaces. It is housed within a 1U Dell PowerEdge 860 case located on 32/3089 (50° 56' 11", -1° 23' 45").

The server has a power consumption of 93W at boot, 71W idle and 12W when turned off.

It was purchased in the summer of 2007.

This server has a very broken configuration which means it does not come back properly after a power cycle. Follow the instructions on Developers:Sown-vpn resurrection to bring it back up.

Installed Software

The server's operating system is Debian (wheezy/sid) running on Linux Kernel 2.6.30-1.

The server also has the following software installed on it:


This server is connected to the SOWN VLAN, with the IP addresses:

  • 2001:630:d0:f700::253

Its DNS name is:


Its MAC address is 00:15:17:2f:09:09 on its eth3 interface and is connected to port b32-l3-cat3/FastEthernet1/0/15 with a yellow network cable.

This server is also connected to an ECS VLAN, with the IP addresses:

  • 2001:630:d0:f104:218:8bff:fef9:96e1

Its DNS name is:


Its MAC address is 00:15:17:2f:09:08 on its eth2 interface and is connected to port b32-l3-cat2/GigabitEthernet2/0/25 with a yellow network cable with a blue boot.

The WakeOnLAN capability of this server is supported on eth0, eth1 and eth2 but enabled on none.

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June 2007 +
1U Dell PowerEdge 860 +
50° 56' 11", -1° 23' 45"Latitude: 50.936463888889
Longitude: -1.3959277777778
2.13Ghz Xeon + + +
2001:630:d0:f104:218:8bff:fef9:96e1 +
00:15:17:2f:09:08 +
b32-l3-cat2/GigabitEthernet2/0/25 +
80 GiB (81,920 MiB, 83,886,080 KiB, 0.0781 TiB) +
Linux Kernel 2.6.30-1 +
32/3089 +
2 GiB (2,048 MiB, 2,097,152 KiB, 0.00195 TiB) +
Debian (wheezy/sid) + + +
2001:630:d0:f700::253 +
00:15:17:2f:09:09 +
b32-l3-cat3/FastEthernet1/0/15 +
supported on eth0, eth1 and eth2 but enabled on none +