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sown-monitor-dev is SOWN's monitoring development server.

It has a Xeon Core i7 processor with 800MiB0.781 GiB
819,200 KiB
7.629395e-4 TiB
of memory. It has a 20GiB20,480 MiB
20,971,520 KiB
0.0195 TiB
virtual hard drive and it has 2x Gigabit virtual network interfaces. It is housed within a VMWare Virtual Server case located at Astro House VMWare Cluster (iSolutions/VMware).

It was acquired in the 25 August 2011.

Installed Software

The server's operating system is Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS running on Linux Kernel 3.13.0-xx-server (x86_64).

The server also has the following software installed on it:

OpenNMS was installed for research purposes. OpenNMS is a piece of monitoring software that can auto-discover services through port scanning. This was originally setup for a member of the Web Science Institute. He is no longer using this and keeping this up to date and not accidentally port-scanning the IRIDIS cluster is a pain. Therefore, retiring this but keeping a VM image so we can spin this up in the future if we need to for some reason might be a good idea.


This server is connected to the SOWN VLAN, with the IP addresses:

  • 2001:630:d0:f700::238

Its DNS name is:


Its MAC address is 00:50:56:a0:00:21 on its eth2 interface and is connected to port with a virtual cable

This server is also connected to an ECS DMZ VLAN, with the IP addresses:

  • 2001:630:d0:f111:250:56ff:fea0:129

Its DNS name is:


Its MAC address is 00:50:56:a0:01:29 on its eth1 interface and is connected to port with a virtual cable

The WakeOnLAN capability of this server is supported on eth1 and eth2 but not enabled on either.

Bespoke Service Checks

Checks that there is no gateway configured to send traffic out the ECS DMZ interface. Historically, this was to insure that OpenNMS did not port scan the IRIDIS cluster that used the same IP range as SOWN but which was routed on the ECS DMZ. Returns CRITICAL if a route can be found that contains a IP address and is marked as a gateway (e.g. UG).
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August 25, 2011 +
VMWare Virtual Server +
Xeon Core i7 + + +
2001:630:d0:f111:250:56ff:fea0:129 +
00:50:56:a0:01:29 +
20 GiB (20,480 MiB, 20,971,520 KiB, 0.0195 TiB) +
Linux Kernel 3.13.0-xx-server (x86_64) +
Astro House VMWare Cluster (iSolutions/VMware) +
0.781 GiB (800 MiB, 819,200 KiB, 7.629395e-4 TiB) +
2x Gigabit virtual +
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS + + +
2001:630:d0:f700::238 +
00:50:56:a0:00:21 +
supported on eth1 and eth2 but not enabled on either +