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Sown-bot is a bot run on SOWN's IRC channel (#sown on Sown-bot performs the following tasks:

  • Nagios
    • Echoes Icinga reports and reminders
    • Allows users to check the status of nodes (!icinga nodes or !icinga node_name)
    • Allows you to acknowledge warning and critical statuses on hosts and services. (!icinga ack "HOSTNAME" This host is broken. or !icinga ack "HOSTNAME/SERVICENAME" This service is broken.)
    • Allows you to reschedule a check on a host or service. (!icinga check HOSTNAME or !icinga ack HOSTNAME/SERVICENAME)
  • Maintains Operator status
    • Automatic Op-ing criteria is maintained at [1].
    • Manual opping with the command !op. (Sown-bot needs to be an op to do any op-ing.)
  • Todo List
    • Allows channel ops to add items to the todo list (!todo add <title>)
    • Notifies the channel when a todo item is completed.
  • Logging
    • Makes public logs of the channel
    • Allows channel ops to censor particular lines from the public logs (e.g. !censor match entire line or !censor %match fragment%)
    • Allows anyone to hide a message they do not wish to appear in the public logs (!hide <content>)
  • Version Control tracking
    • Nags people when there are outstanding commits to important working copies.

More usage information is available directly from SownBot via the !help command.

 sown-bot: Available keywords: hide, op, nagios, todo, svn, censor, help.
 sown-bot: Installed modules: AutoOp Nagios Logger Todo SVNStatus Censor Communication.