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All SOWN[at]HOME nodes are centrally managed through the VPN tunnel. This allows us to roll out changes to them from anywhere in the world, without having to visit the node and manually alter the configuration.

The setupnode script resides on sown-auth and is the underpinning of this process.

The admin panel


Nb. this is only visible to system administrators

The configuration looks quite complicated but it is actually fairly straight forward. You simply navigate to the node details for the node you want, then click "Setup node". Assuming that the node is connected to one of its known ip addresses the ip and id boxes should be automatically filled in (if either of these are missing, you will have to fill them in yourself with values that are correct).

Then you click on the check boxes for the jobs that you wish to perform and finally click submit.

The system will now attempt to roll out the changes requested. You do not have to watch all the output as it will detach from the window, however it is useful to read it to spot any errors that may occur.