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Subversion (SVN)
Subversion (SVN)
Installed on Sown-monitor,Sown-data1, Suws-marconi, Sown-monitor, Sown-monitor-dev, Sown-monitor-new, Tunnelbroker, Sown-vms, Sown-www
Was installed on

Although Subversion (SVN) is installed on many of the SOWN servers it is currently only actively used on Sown-monitor to maintain configuration for Icinga for which SVN repository server is also located. It intended that this will be moved to Git at some point but as it is works without issue at present, there has been no rush to do this.

SOWN's (Former) Primary SVN repository

SOWN has started an SVN repository at However, UGForge itself has been deprecated. Below is a list of current folders in the SVN repository. However, the last folder to be actively used svn/ has now been moved to its individual Git repository whose origin is on Sown-auth2 as ssh://

Current Folders

Location Contents
svn/website These PHP pages form the beginnings of a SOWN signup page. They currently say Omni-Fi because they are taken from my 3rd year project. I will change that once they are working. These files have been superseded by those in svn/srv.
svn/location_server Contains the source and binaries for the reference java location server
svn/ Contains the contents of i.e. ugwwwsites/
svn/srv Contains the content of
svn/location server tools/ManualLocationUpdater Contains the binaries and source for the Manual Location Tracker Update Agent
svn/location server tools/GPS Updater Contains the binaries and source for the GPS Updater Update Agent
svn/location server tools/GPS Emulator Contains the binaries and source for the GPS Emulator Location Server client