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This page is deprecated and does not reflect the current state of SOWN.

SOWN no longer runs a VoIP service, therefore this information is out of date.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) is the ability to hold a voice conversation over the Internet. This has become popular with software projects like Skype and other common Instant Messaging protocols as it allows people to hold long distance telephone calls virtually for free. SOWN's implementation of VoIP is currently based around Asterisk which is a virtual switched PBX (with similar and perhaps more advanced behaviour to that of many companies PBXs).

SOWN VoIP is currently under development and is not yet at a fully usable state. This page documents the progress that has been made to date.

For technical details on the VoIP server in use on SOWN, see Asterisk.

Signup and Directory pages

A page to sign up and create a new SOWN VoIP account is available on sown-dev although during the testing phase using this is not recommended.

Instructions for setting up SOWN VoIP using some common VoIP hard/softphones can on the following pages:

Generic instructions can be found here.

A directory page also located on sown-dev allows the viewing of users of the SOWN VoIP service including their current presence status. Users are able to opt in to both the directory and presence information using the SOWN VoIP sign up page.

Numbering Plan

This is the proposal for the numbering plan on SOWN. Care needs to be taken to avoid conflicts, both now and in the future.


Services will exist on numbers beginning with a 1.

Talking Clock

Dial 123 or 'clock'. (not fully working yet)

Southampton Weather

Dial 124 or 'weather'.

Surge Radio

Dial 1287 or 'surge'.


Dial 1571 or 'voicemail'.

Last Call

Dial 1471 or 'lastcall'.

Internal (to SOWN) calls

All SOWN VoIP users who have registered with an ECS email can be called on their ECS username. All SOWN VoIP users who have registered with a UoS email can be called prefixing their UoS username with 'uos-'. All other SOWN VoIP users (community members) can be called by prefixing their SOWN username with 'sown-'.

In addition, all users will be allocated a five digit number starting with a 3.

SOWN Node Admin/Committee calls

Five digit numbers starting 30 and 39 will be reserved for node admins and committee members.

Internal (to University) calls

With a connection to the university phone network, SOWN VoIP would be able to allow calls across the university and halls. For this reason, the following number prefixes need to be reserved.

  • Five digit numbers starting with a 2 (for calls on the university teaching campuses)
  • All numbers beginning 4 or 7 (for calls to other trunks - Halls, Southampton General Hospital)

In addition, it is proposed that university members with entries in the UoS phone directory could be called by prefixing their UoS username with 'UoS-'. It may be that this would only be possible for ECS members, depending on our ability to access data from the UoS telephone directory.


Currently there is no proposal to use any numbers beginning 0,5,6,8 or 9.