SOWN Tasklist 2018

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There are many tasks towards modernising the SOWN network that we will endeavour to undertake in 2018. Here is what will hopefully become a comprehensive list of tasks:

  • Switch private IP address range from to so the University can route traffic onto the SOWN VLAN
  • Upgrade FreeRadius to version 3 on Sown-auth2 for security reasons.
  • Upgrade OpenVPN to version 2.4 on Sown-auth2 allowing it to better support rolling our IPv6 to nodes.
  • Roll out IPv6 from SOWN IP range once the whole 2001:630:d0:f700::/56 rather than just the /64.
  • Get SOWN node firmware working on MT300As.
  • Switch DNS servers from Bind over to PowerDNS.
  • Make significant progress on the LWAPP project.
  • ...