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SOWN[at]HOME nodes are wireless access points that are loaned out to students and staff to host at their home. To apply to host a node go and make a request. If you want to find out more first, read on. Alternatively, you can read our SOWN(at)HOME Node FAQ.

SOWN[at]HOME nodes are configurable so that a host can share as much of Internet usage (in megabytes) as they are happy with. By logging into the admin page for their node, a host can:

  • Set how much can be downloaded/uploaded (i.e. usage) through the node each month
  • Firewall the node so only specific ports (e.g. web, email, ssh, etc.) can be used
  • Block Bit-torrenting, (not currently available).
  • Allow specified users to access your home network, (not currently available).

Reasons for Hosting a SOWN[at]HOME Node

  • To allow friends and colleagues (from most universities in the UK, as well as many in Europe and beyond) to get Internet access at your home with zero setup and without sharing your wireless network password.
  • To be part of the community wireless project that is SOWN.
  • To expand Eduroam coverage across the city of Southampton (and occasionally beyond).
  • To play low-bandwidth network games such as OpenTTD with others on the network.
  • To provide Wi-Fi on your home network if you only have a wired router.
  • To get a direct IPv6 connection to the Internet allowing you to access IPv6-only resources (e.g. IPv6 Google), (not currently available by default).

More information about SOWN[at]HOME Nodes can be found in the FAQ and the Terms And Conditions or you can ask a question from our contact us page.

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