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SJPhone is a VOIP client that works on Windows, Mac and Linux and has been tested to work with SOWN VoIP. The following instructions show how to configure SJPhone to work with SOWN VoIP.

Signup for SOWN VoIP

Download and install the appropriate Sjphone from

Start SJPhone, then access the options by clicking on menu then options.


On the options dialog select the profiles tab and create a new profile.

On the new profile box enter a name for the new profile, for example SOWN, then select “Calls through SIP proxy” as the profile type.


Click OK, then select the SIP proxy tab.

On this tab enter in the “Domain/Realm” box.


Press OK.

Enter your SOWN VoIP username and password (The password is different from your normal SOWN password) then click ok.

On the next screen select the newly created profile, called SOWN if you used the example above, and then click the use button.

Press OK.

You should now be ready to make calls through SOWN VoIP.

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