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Discussion about work over summer covered as well as other material.  +
Come and get your hands dirty.  +
Come and get your hands even dirtier!  +
There is still lots to do. The more the merrier!  +
Certain SOWN servers will be powered down over the next few days as work is required on the power supplies for the server rooms the servers are located in. The SOWN team will endeavour to restore the network as quickly as possible.  +
Get your hands as dirty as you feel appropriate!  +
We have work to be carried out on various parts of SOWN.  +
We will mainly be working on general administrative stuff in particular installing Linux on the new Dell Laptops.  +
SOWN coverage is available in the following pubs: The Stile, The Drummond Arms, The Bridge.  +
SOWN has had a 73% increase in the number of users in 2009, compared to the previous year.  +
In October 2010, SOWN was used by just over 1000 users.  +
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