PHP Code Cleanup

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The PHP code for the admin and website has evolved over time and therefore is quite messy. I t was decided to create a project to set about cleaning up this code to make it less buggy and easy to debug if something does go wrong. Beloe is a list of tasks with associated information pertinent to the task like:

  • What needs to be done before doing the task
  • Changes is functionality as a result of the cleanup and problems this may/has caused
  • Bugs discovered and resolutions to these bugs


  • Tidying up Login Page (SjH)
    • URL redirecting link no longer gets sent to portal

Completed Tasks

  • Logging in using new community accounts (SjH and daveruss)
    • Problem caused by add user page setting userlevel to null not 0.
    • Fixed by changing users.userlevel to NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 in the database