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Soekris Net4511
Soekris Net4511
Model Net4511
Maker Soekris
Type System board
OpenWRT page


  • Embedded PC
  • Runs off Compact Flash
  • PCMCIA slot
  • Mini PCI slot
  • Ethernet x 2
  • Male 9-pin serial header for null modem


With Voyage linux running on these boards there appears to be an issue where the watchdog timers do not work and so produces the restart errors documented here


vi /etc/modules

add 'sc520_wdt' on a new line, this loads the watchdog driver.

The system will now reboot by killing the watchdog process. The old reboot script was saved

cp /sbin/reboot /sbin/reboot_old

The new reboot is script is as follows

FOO='cat /var/run/'
kill -9 $FOO
echo "System will reboot in 30 seconds" 

This gets the process id of the watchdog timer and force kills it. It also remounts the file system as read only in an attempt to reduce problems.

Connection Over Serial

  1. Connect Serial null modem with DB9 connector cable to the board and your PC's serial port and boot the board.
  2. Set the bit rate to 38400Bps with 8 data bits no parity and one stop bit. Flow control should be set to none.
  3. You should see the board boot up and then begin loading the operating system/boot loader. You may have to press enter to activate the console.

Note: The Voyage operating system will change the bit rate to 19200Bps.


This systen board is no longer deployed but was used in older versions of ZeplerNode and the retired SUSUNode.