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Mobile IP is a technology that allows a computer to be contacted using a single IP address anywhere in the world. This has long been considered a good idea and several attempts have been made at proprietary solutions over the years. One of these systems TMIP was used previously on SOWN. The IETF has since standardised mobile IP for IPv4 in rfc3344 and mobile IP for IPv6 in rfc3775. It has been decided that at least to start with only mobile IPv6 will be deployed on SOWN. SOWN will use the Home Agent software built into the Department of Electronic and Computer Science's Cisco 7204? router 'ford'. On completion of this project it is hoped that it will be possible to move from the SOWN network onto the ECS network whilst maintaining an IPv6 connection like VoIP or SSH. The SOWN Mobility project is currently being administered by Dave Tarrant in conjunction with Dr Tim Chown from ECS.