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Meeting (to be) held on 2018/02/01 at 19:00 in Nuffield Small Lecture Room

Previous meeting: 11 January 2018 19:00:00 Next meeting: 15 February 2018 19:00:00


  • Projects
    • SOWN IPv4 Migration
      • All but two nodes (273 and 442) now have just addresses for VPN and WLAN interfaces
      • All servers still have both and addresses
      • Still waiting on global IP address subnet from iSolutions so we can 1-to-1 NAT on gateway
    • Sown-auth2 Server Replacement
      • Not as urgent to replace now we have upgraded server.
      • Could still do with upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 but probably leave at least until Easter.
    • Node Firmware
      • Most of the current nodes still need updating with the October/November 2017 firmware
      • Need to produce new node firmware to better support IPv6 amongst other things.
      • Want to start making progress on MT300A firmware
      • Status of MiFi firmware
    • Documentation
      • to updates
      • Generally a lot of pages need updating
    • 802.11ac SOWN Zepler
      • More testing is required
      • Design 3-antenna MIMO for 802.11ac
    • SOWN IPv6 Tunnels
      • Still need to sort out firewalling so insode the University you can access applications on clients t the other ends of the tunnels

  • Workshop planning
    • Work out from current list of tasks what people are interested in doing

  • Icinga Alerts
    • EXT-PING and EXT-HTTP6 alerts
    • CONFIG-* and UPGRADABLE checks on old Meraki nodes

  • AOB
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19:00:00, 1 February 2018 +
20:00:00, 1 February 2018 +