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Meeting (to be) held on 2011/09/08 at 19:00 in Access Grid Room

Previous meeting: 1 September 2011 19:00:00 Next meeting: 15 September 2011 19:00:00


  • Nodes (daveruss)
    • Adelaide Road
      • No progress
    • Steep Close
      • No progress - daveruss will try to get hold of the node host about this.
    • Winchester
      • daveruss will try to contact the VP Sites or someone in the Winchester office on Friday (09/09/2011)

  • Admin Tasks
    • Move SOWN and trunk ports to the Access Grid room (Davetaz)
      • No progress
    • Code review of new login functions (daveruss)
      • A couple of modifications
      • Send mac address as part of the eapol_test call. The correct MAC still needs to be passed through to the eapol_login function.
      • The config file for the eapol login is now chmoded to 600 to limit access.

  • Intern work (James147 and Davetaz)
    • Eduroam campus-wide (mike)
      • Radius servers will be switch over for external access on Friday (09/09/2011)
      • iSolutions Eduroam wireless controller will go live next week with 20+ APs on it.
      • Davetaz and daveruss have updated most of the remaining infrastructure required to start deploying new thin client access points with ECS-WLAN and eduroam in ECS over the next couple of weeks.
    • Eduroam compliance

  • Icinga Alerts
      • Radius restarted
    • BACKUP3 DISK /home/
      • Fixed by Davetaz by removing old logs etc. from 2009.
    • GW DISK /
      • Requests from a ssh password digger at MIT have been blocked. When logrotate runs again the gzipping of /var/log/messages should hopefully reduce the log file size.
      • Need to figure out why many messages are being logged 82 times rather than just once, as this will dramatically reduce the size of unzipped /var/log/messages

  • To Do List
    • rad.php functionality moved to eapol.php to use new mechanism of login has now gone live.

  • AOB
    • Automatic community account creation from SOWN IPs (daveruss)
      • Some informal discussion was had about this at the Crown.
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