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Meeting (to be) held on 2011/07/28 at 19:00 in Access Grid Room

Previous meeting: 21 July 2011 19:00:00 Next meeting: 4 August 2011 19:00:00


  • Amateur Radio
    • QSL postcode / Log folder (daveruss)
      • mike has taken the postcode. Heliosfa has the folder mike believes
    • SUWS Wiki (phil)
      • Fully Functional, contact phil for a login (not linked with SOWN Wiki.)

  • Bank account status (Davetaz)
    • Bank account now Internet enabled
    • Membership fees collection
      • These have been paid in by Davetaz along with most of the money collected for mugs
      • SjH has also paid one year's membership fees for 2011/12
    • RSGB affiliation

  • More SUSU paperwork (crwilliams and daveruss)
    • This was submitted in paper format by daveruss at approximately 12:50 on 27/07/2011 and a receipt was sent by a member of the Societies office to the SOWN club account
    • The Societies office asked for an electronic copy which was submitted by daveruss through the SOWN club account at 02:31 on 28/07/2011. A receipt of this submission was requested but has yet to be received.

  • HomeNodes (daveruss)
    • Chamberlain
      • Retrieved through the external contractor by daveruss
    • Winchester
      • Still to come back up. daveruss will send an email to the VP Winchester and Sites to chases this up.
    • Adelaide Road
      • Email sent through the Email node admin system giving advice on why the hosts node may not be coming up. As yet the node hasn't come up or any response been received

  • Admin Tasks
    • Open Mesh N-Routers (daveruss)
      • daveruss has tried to chase this up with Shaun but has not being able to get hold of him yet.
    • Move SOWN and trunk ports to the Access Grid room (Davetaz)
      • No progress
    • Memory issues with update stats cache script (crwilliams)
      • Not discussed

  • Intern work (James147 and Davetaz)
    • Eduroam campus-wide (mike)
      • Good progress is being made on the development of both wireless controllers to support eduroam
      • Some work still needs to be done to support non-eduroam SSIDs on access points
      • Radius servers running radiator will be migrated to FreeRadius using mike's guide
    • Eduroam compliance
      • Not new progress

  • Rebuilding VPN (Davetaz)
    • A table of where to move various components of VPN was drawn and photographed by Crwilliams

  • Icinga Alerts
    • Not discussed

  • AOB
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