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Meeting (to be) held on 2011/07/14 at 19:00 in Access Grid Room

Previous meeting: 7 July 2011 18:30:00 Next meeting: 21 July 2011 19:00:00


  • Amateur Radio
    • IVARC Rally (mike)
      • Nothing to report.
    • Bunfight Ideas
      • None, we want a stall for the week, not just for the day, but there may be staff constraints.
    • Anything else?
      • Foundation Exams, the date sometime in August, morse will speak to HeliosFA.

  • Bank account status (Davetaz)
      • We have the paperwork back (again), (Davetaz) to complete them (again).
    • Membership fees collection
      • No progress
    • RSGB affiliation
      • No progress

  • More SUSU paperwork (Crwilliams)
    • Waiting for the bank account details.

  • Admin Tasks
    • VoIP card requirements (SjH)
      • Currently in a 'feasibility study'
    • Open Mesh N-Routers (daveruss)
      • We are planning on ordering ~2 N nodes, pending finding the right person to order them.
    • Move SOWN and trunk ports to the Access Grid room (daveruss)
      • One port is disconnected, details of the second are in auth:/root/ACCESS_GRID_SWITCHPORT
    • IPv6 support and logging (SjH, morse)
      • Pending a radvd update from backfire, Stuart has hacked some form of logging in.

  • HomeNodes (daveruss)
    • Another Node request
      • Approved!
    • Chamberlain
      • George was spoken to, he will look next time he is up there
    • Winchester
      • An answerphone message has been left and an email sent through the contact a sabb page on SUSU website

  • Icinga Alerts (Crwilliams)
    • icinga had a fit, and stopped logging to the channel, upon investigation it started again.
    • Leth has diagnosed the monitor backup problem.

  • AOB
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