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Meeting (to be) held on 2011/03/31 at 19:00 in Zepler CLS Lecture Room

Previous meeting: 24 March 2011 19:00:00 Next meeting: 14 April 2011 19:00:00

The plan is to cover the first two main points of the agenda (Icinga Deployment and Alerts / Cron emails) from 6:30pm. This is because it may take a while to get through them and prevent us having time to discuss the remainder of the agenda and get to the Crown for 8:15pm-ish.


Crwilliams stopped Nagios at 19:06 will ruturn to at the end of the meeting

    • SUSU / MEM
    • 32/3089-UPS - log but don't alert?
    • BACKUP2-3/DISK (Davetaz)
    • PACKAGE warnings not reported in the channel

Leth not present. Discussion on server side filtering of mails, you will need to do this on the server using OWA and logging in full mode with Internet Explorer. You can then edit your server side rules.

<interuption>List of old members of the radio club produce by Mike. There was much excitement. This list is to be scanned and forwarded to HeliosFA to help him with the recovery of call signs</interuption>

Crwilliams would like to find the root cause of why so many emails are being sent rather than filtering the results. He will look into this.

    • Forwarding - Relay config (Davetaz)

Davetaz not present

    • logrotate

No comments made

Not seen anything from Student Union. Poles still there, there should be no problem recovering them however we need to find a location to store them. Scorpia to ask if we can have any storage tommorow.

No progress

User not present

User not present

    • SUWS webspace at (Scorpia)

Need to speak to ECS to get virtual server. DNS is provisioned by SUSU: Page currently says "Welcome to wireless". Discussion on what to put there. Will probably copy parts of the SOWN site and then let the websites diverge. Want to be able to pull meeting data from Wiki as with the current SOWN website. SUSU dictates not too much active content on server as it is old and not so good.

    • /opt/sown/{bin,sbin}

HeliosFA has received an email from G0KLA. He is going to post a letter which should let us get the call signs back. We also know a bit more about the history of the club.

May be best for a staff member to hold the licence as they are here longer. Denis, Mike, Neil Fagen? Dennis Nicole voted as best bet.

Other thing on Ham radio front - Antennae locations. Outside tech services there is a gravel pit where a tripod could be erected to hold an antennae. HeliosFA suggests a 4m mast would fit fine there. Scorpia suggests that he will seek permission from SUSU CRWilliams concerned we will not get permission. Top of Zepler another potential location. Running data cables down to CRL room would be a bit too long though. There are many issues with running RF long distances, essentially it is better and easier to make the cable runs as short as possible. Consensus is to wait until we know what we want to do before we start approaching SUSU or building and estates.

Henry has done a lot of data collection as has daveruss. Tried to demo the view system however it does not work in IE. The viewer has an image of the building floor plan selected along with green makers showing the locations surveys have been taken at. It is possible to select an SSID and a signal strength eg you could query all locations where ECS WLAN has a signal strength of >-60db. All readings that did not meet this requirement would disappear. Discussions ensued as to what Zepler used to look like and what it looks like now.

No Progress

Not present

Not present

No progress

No progress

No Progress

  • AOB

Noted that Tom has linked his node to the atheist society website, this was not deemed to be a problem.

The SOWN Bugler was re-introduced to the new members. You should never let your guard down with this nefarious character.

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