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Agenda of Annual General Meeting


  • Graeme, 'Phil' and Tyler were late.
  • No-one objected to the minutes of the previous AGM.
  • crwilliams summarised the year from a semantically-marked-up piece-of-paper.
    • OpenMesh Nodes
    • Wireless Survey
    • Improved login page
    • Improved monitorring, including cron jobs
    • Replacement power supplies
    • Eduroam peering
    • Eduroam-in-a-box
    • Dev8D
    • New package management
    • UPS monitoring
  • The bank balance has increased to almost £4
  • Tyler acquired the Student Unions copy of our constitution.
  • crwilliams read the constitution.
    • Andrew W objected that the constitution does not permit him to speak!
    • The existing constitution has only one signature, and is not dated.



  • Rebecca didn't stand.
  • Chris Orchard nominated himself, no speech was given.
  • No objections to Chris Orchard to being elected


  • No objections to Davetaz being re-elected

Node Deployment Officer

  • No objections to Graeme being re-elected

Social Secretary

  • No objections to Daveruss being re-elected


  • The job titles and descriptions were confirmed by a motion of 'no objections'.
  • The constitution was lost and found again.
  • A note for a future AGM, HAM Radio rules, two Named 'officers' need to have HAM licenses,

Constitutional Changes

  • "Minutes will be available from the Summer term" becomes "Minutes will be available by the Summer term"
  • Addition of "Full University members may stand for a position", the aim to remove "Only Students may stand for a position"
  • 'Radio Officer' to be added as a role, who does not need to be a member of the University
  • One person may stand for two roles,
  • Associate members may hold office if nominated.
  • Meetings to be reclarified as 'offical meetings'
  • Associate members may speak at 'offical meetings' if invited by the 'chair'

  • crwilliams will make these changes, and forward them round via email.
  • An EGM will be held at the beginning of next week.