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Meeting (to be) held on 2010/12/02 at 19:00 in #sown

Previous meeting: 25 November 2010 19:00:00 Next meeting: 9 December 2010 19:00:00


  • HomeNodes (HeliosFA)
    • Steep Close
      • No contact from node host.
      • Crwilliams will call node host to return it
    • Chamberlain
      • Hasn't come up. We suspect it may be beinng unplugged
      • We may need to do a proper deployment so it can't be unplugged. Maybe use an outdoor meraki.
      • daveruss will email th enode host to investigate.

  • Admin Tasks
    • ZeplerNode login problems
      • Davetaz has setup the fast login script. This may fix the problem with PHP thread running indefinitely long.
      • Davetaz has written a campus login log script so we can debug problems in future.
    • Backup3 problems
      • Davetaz has gone to see John Wynn to get access to reboot it but he hasn't been in.
    • Temperatures is server rooms today
      • Davetaz noticed temepratures going up gradually over the day.
      • The snow may be responsible we are not quite sure how.
      • Max temperature reached: 32C
    • General backup problems for all servers
      • Symbolic link to nothing that couldn't be backed up.
      • Symbolic linked file only there at boot and created by package upgrade.
      • Leth has fixed the problem and restored the symbolic links.
    • Firewall4/6 and Conntrack6 on Gateway critical
      • Due to Backup3 nbeing down. Already set as being dependent on this server.
    • Dependency-based Boot migration issues on Auth and Gateway
      • Not important, we don't need to worry.
    • NWMonitor/Nagios going critical at 00:09
      • Double the timeout should fix this

  • Janet News Article on eduroam-in-a-Box
    • Davetaz has emailed them to ask for a draft.

  • AOB
    • December workshop set for 11th
    • SUSU reminded us about the NUS referendum
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