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Meeting (to be) held on 2010/08/12 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 29 July 2010 19:00:00 Next meeting: 19 August 2010 19:00:00


  • HomeNodes (daveruss)
    • Omdurman Road
      • Daveruss still to email the host.
    • Steep Close
      • Node has been swapped out with a new one.
      • Had a couple of logins, but no traffic. We suspect it was a homenet user because the bandwidth reporting appears to be working.
    • Thackeray Road
    • Highfield Crescent

  • Admin Tasks
    • JRS test account
      • Davetaz to ask Tim about this
    • UPS Test Plan
      • We can't test the UPS until morse has finished the code he's working on.
      • Morse will provide a list or risks.
      • Need a thorough test plan, and a list of outcomes we are after.
    • VOIP debsums issue
      • SjH to fix.
    • Backup2/Backup3 debsums and packages flapping
      • Combination of a slow link and a slow machine.
      • We will change it to only warn on timeout. We will make warning not notified
    • Contact us replies (daveruss)

  • Workshop review
    • N-Nodes (Morse)
      • Hostap is needed to get the node into AP mode.
    • SOWN VoIP (SjH)
      • SjH has done some work on this, it now has loads of features and accepts calls on PSTN.
      • Nagios has inbuilt SIP monitoring.
    • Cron Job Monitoring (Davetaz)
      • User level cronjobs are monitored on all servers and nodes.
      • We're going to monitor /etc/cron.hourly et. al. by asking debsums whether things in there belong to any packages.
    • Community Account Audit (daveruss)
    • Next Workshop - Provisionally set for 21/08/2010
      • Now Official.

  • Projects
    • OpenWRT backfire packages (Leth)
      • There is progress on this. We have packages building and stuff.
    • SOWN VoIP (SjH)
      • See above
    • SOWN VM Server
      • Nothing to report, this is a long-term server.
    • SOWN-GW2
      • Phoneline stuff.

  • AOB
    • Nagios check frequency & database size.
      • We will move this off /root
    • Davetaz to also ask Tim about VOIP card + connection and BT line for ADSL line.
    • daveruss has written a page entitled Database Anomalies that list records in the database that shouldn't possibly exist.
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