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Meeting (to be) held on 2010/1/7 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 10 December 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 14 January 2010 19:00:00


  • SOWN[at]HOME Nodes
    • Nodes that have gone down since last meeting
      • Drummond Arms, Archers Road, Chamberlain
        • These all need rebooting.
      • Newton Road
        • This deployment has now ended. Expect the node to be deployed at a new location over the next week.
    • Node Request
    • Redeployment of Stag's Head Node
      • daveruss noted on 22/12/2009 that there has been a slow decrease of memory (~1MB in 2 weeks) since the node was installed. This rate may increase when the node has more users.
    • Building 2A deployment
      • Need to find the magic command to fix the node.
    • Halls' Bars' nodes (daveruss)
    • Buying New Nodes (Davetaz)

  • Eduroam-in-a-box (daveruss and Davetaz)
    • daveruss and Davetaz not present.
    • This could be done with an ADSL router, running Cisco IOS.
    • This would offer eduroam (802.1x), and IPv6 access.

  • What license is the "entire management system stuff" at the moment it seems to be in legal limbo, should it be open source? -- 22:53, 12 December 2009 GMT (Graingert)
    • We need some distinction between the core infrastructure and any additional code projects. Some parts of SOWN are owned by the University due to the fact that they were developed by University employees (during internships etc - any queries regarding this would need to go via Tim Chown). The licensing of each additional code project is the responsibility of the person who begins that project, and the details of such should be recorded on the wiki.

  • Admin tasks
    • DNS Blacklisting (crwilliams, morse and SjH)
      • This has been moved to sown-gw but clients need to be updated to point at this.
    • Firewall hole to allow users to set/change their wireless password without logging into SOWN (daveruss and Graingert)
      • This is completed.
    • Login on Campus nodes by community users (daveruss and crwilliams)
      • This is completed.
    • Cracklib policy on SOWN servers - don't pick crap passwords.
      • This is completed.
    • Proposed addition of Protocol field to database (802.11a/b/g/n) (crwilliams)
      • This field should be added to the node_interface table.
      • This is to be used for things like the updated map.
      • We should also identify development nodes on the map (as they may not be functioning as expected).
    • SUSU
      • We need to schedule an AGM, to which the SUSU Societies Officer will be invited to.

  • Workshop Review
    • We need to remove the QOS boxes from the UPS in order to reduce the load.

  • AOB
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