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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/07/16 at 19:00 in Coffee Room

Previous meeting: 9 July 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 23 July 2009 19:00:00


  • SOWN Core Network Update (Davetaz and morse)
    • Sown-gw deployment
      • Has been deployed in a temporary place, ECS is awaiting patch cables. It isn't railed and the rails are still in 32 as of this meeting.
      • Sown-6core's config is on Sown-gw and just need plugging in.
    • Sown-dev deployment
      • Old Sown-dev has been removed from the rack but is still in B59 L1 awaiting collection by 2 people.
    • Sown-voip deployment
      • No progress.

  • SOWN[at]HOME Nodes
    • Update script cron job (SjH)
      • No progress
    • Wifi driver fix (morse)
      • All but one node has been updated (Highfield Crescent)
      • Will write a automated script for doing this
    • IPv6 issues (morse)
    • Halls' Bars' nodes (daveruss)
      • Have spoken to satellites bar manager and will do a tour of bars Thursday/Friday 23rd/24th
      • daveruss and morse will go on this tour daveruss will confirm arrangements.

  • Admin Tasks
    • Login Monitoring (Leth and Graph Man)
      • No real progress
    • Eduroam test account (morse)
      • No progress
    • User Account cleanup (crwilliams)
      • Wiki
        • Some merging still needs be done
      • LDAP
        • Not doing yet until will have new Sown-dev
      • Servers
        • Done

  • Mobile phone Nagios alerts (morse)
    • Work in progress
    • Java is rubbish
    • There are a few other problems (davetaz offered to help with this)
  • UPS Monitoring (morse)
    • Awaiting Systems Team input

  • Alternative to guest accounts (Davetaz)
    • Need to give up backup2 so that we can create SOWN guest accounts and guarantee that people won't be able to get onto the ECS network

  • Projects
    • WiMAX (morse)
    • 802.11r (Jos)
      • No progress
    • Mobile IPv6 (SjH)
      • No progress
    • SOWN single Eduroam cloud (SjH, Davetaz and morse)
      • No progress
    • SOWN VoIP telephone replacement (was SOWN VoIP and Extending Network Coverage) (Lionel)
      • No progress
    • 802.1x (TheBase)
      • Tested most recent client. Still some bugs that have been reported. Waiting for next update
    • Location Tracking (AndrewWillmott)
      • Can take KisMet traces and submit them into the database
      • How can this be integrated into the SOWN.
      • Observations from SOWN users. Upload via web page.
      • Authentication tool to prove you are after logging into SOWN
      • project to use new Sown-dev
      • Work on at next Saturday surgery

  • AOB
    • Don't need to worry about copying backups from Sown-nat to Sown-gw. We have enough backups already
    • Should we not host our DNS in ECS
      • Will give us more flexibility for updates
      • We can ask ECS to slave their SOWN records against our primary name server, that way we can easily update it, and it will be tollerant to failure.
      • Should also get 2001:630:d0:f600::/55 reverse delegated to us as well.
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