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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/07/02 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 25 June 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 9 July 2009 19:00:00


  • SOWN Core Network Update (Davetaz and morse)
    • Sown-gw deployment
      • Outstanding things to move from sown-nat
        • portal to move to sown-auth... vhost?
        • sown-bot to move to sown-vpn ... (/opt/sownbot would be best)
          • this also requires the logs database to move
          • needs to point at the new location
          • scripts that talk to sown-bot will need updating, eg. Nagios
      • Quagga config will need updating when sown-gw moves.
    • New servers!
      • New servers have arrived.
      • MAC address lists (Leth forgot if we decided on a location for this)

  • SOWN[at]HOME Nodes
    • Problematic Nodes: Drummond Arms, Highfield Crescent, Archers Road
      • Work has been carried out this afternoon on Drummond Arms - updated wireless driver has been installed
      • Highfield Crescent came back up after the node admin restarted it
      • Archers Road came back up after the node admin returned
    • Update script issues (SjH)
      • Needs to be set up to be run by cron
    • Wifi driver fix (morse)
      • As above, this has been deployed on the Drummond Arms node, and a couple of others (morse and AndrewWillmott
    • IPv6 issues (morse)
      • No progress, unable to repeat problem
    • Halls' Bars' nodes (daveruss)
      • We are happy to deploy at Chamberlain and at the WSA Union
      • We have also offered our services in helping to identify suitable locations for network points

  • Admin Tasks
    • Login Monitoring (Leth and Graph Man)
    • Guest accounts (daveruss)
      • Affected guests need to fill out a form and return to daveruss
    • Eduroam test account (morse)
      • Systems team agree that this would be a good idea, but this would require support from iSolutions as ECS do not have a direct peering with Eduroam.
    • LDAP World Domination (Wiki LDAP Authentication) (Leth)
      • This wiki now allows SOWN community account users (in the relevant group) to log in using their credentials.
    • SOWN-Bot svn functionality
      • Uncommitted files are now logged into the database, so individual file changes can be
    • User Account cleanup
      • Wiki
      • LDAP - postpone until LDAP re-engineering?
        • We plan to re-engineer this when sown-dev is back
      • Servers
        • Quite a few old accounts are already locked. We need to check this and delete really old ones.

  • Progress on Todo list
    • Specifically relating to old (imported from wiki) todo items.
      • This was discussed and updated as necessary.

  • AOB
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