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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/06/25 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 18 June 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 2 July 2009 19:00:00


  • Unresolved power cut recovery issues
    • Adding eduroam connectivity script to Nagios (crwilliams)
      • Soton & ECS testing is integrated
    • Eduroam test account (Davetaz)
      • morse has asked Tim, who will look into finding the contact
    • No longer a Planned Power outage incoming in B32, though there may be network connectivity errors during this.

  • Moving issues
    • VPN had a hardware failure - one of it's network interfaces died. one on a PCI card

  • SOWN Core Network Update (Davetaz and morse)
    • Sown-gw deployment
      • needs v6 firewall and RIPv4 fixing
      • databases need moving

  • SOWN[at]HOME Nodes (daveruss)
    • Problematic Nodes: Drummond Arms, Highfield Crescent
      • Had no chance to visit these nodes
    • Specfic problem with Archers Road
      • Update script needs revisiting
    • Wifi driver fix (morse)
      • Morse is trying a new patch.
    • IPv6 issues (morse)
      • Unreproducable, may be desireable to enable/disable v6 per node.
    • Halls' Bars' nodes
      • Daveruss has spoken to a guy who said currently only Winchester and Chamberlain have network points but they are persuing getting them installed.

  • Admin Tasks
    • Login Monitoring (Leth and Graph Man)
      • Colin has graphs! see [1]
    • Committee mail alias and guest accounts (daveruss)
      • Mailing lists have been done. Daveruss look at the guest accounts.

  • AOB
    • Paul doesn't think so.
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