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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/06/18 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 11 June 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 25 June 2009 19:00:00


  • Unresolved power cut recovery issues
    • ECS not forwarding our eduroam traffic, is it possible to wire this up to nagios (action crwilliams).
    • Should we ask for a test account on ecs eduroam so we can test it is actually working? Should this be something ECS does and not us.

  • SOWN Core Network Update (Davetaz and morse)
    • Sown-gw deployment will be happening at some point
    • L3 rack is being re-organised tomorrow (friday) with UPS being put in and SOWN servers moved.
    • Need to put scheduled maintaince messages
    • SUSU went down today, someone unplugged its network cable - buzzer.

  • SOWN[at]HOME Nodes (daveruss)
    • Problematic Nodes: Oxford Avenue, Newton Road, Drummond Arms, Highfield Crescent
      • Oxford avenue has been returned (summer break).
      • Kitchener road has been returned (summer break).
      • Others seem to be down.
    • Problem with Archers Road: update_auth_bandwidth stuck [1]
      • Tunnel being slow, why doesn't wget time out? Needs further investigation.
    • Wifi driver fix (morse)
      • Has been roled out on a couple of nodes but no intel cards have yet connected.
    • Halls Bars nodes
      • No progress

  • Admin Tasks
    • Login Monitoring (Leth)
      • We need graphs (action: crwilliams)
  • Saturday Surgery other undertaken tasks review
    • Logout and Ban users is finished (node admins cannot ban users), they ask us.
      • Admin interface logout button logs you out either on a single node (if you are on that node) or all nodes if you logout from a non-sown ip.
      • Whole script needs to be backgrounded and paralled to avoid errors or we only allow people to logout on local node. (done: dct05r)
      • Needs to be implemented on portal.
    • SOWN-gw has all the custom kernels and does v4 nat, v4 firewall and layer7 filtering, however still needs a lot of work to add routing and v6 firewall.
  • IPv6 Home Node issues
    • Morse is going to ask his ISP about the slow performance of v6 in a tunnel as he has the problem on his node.
    • We need a way to turn v6 off if the performance affects the node.

  • AOB
    • daveruss to add Lional to committee mailing list.
    • Colin and Pauls guest accounts need checking.
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