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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/05/21 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 14 May 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 4 June 2009 19:00:00


  • SOWN[at]HOME Nodes
    • Stag's Head Node (daveruss)
      • Should be working, though there is a delay on login, we have yet to identify the source.
    • Problematic Nodes: Oxford Avenue
      • We will contact them by phone if we have the details on the node issue form. If not, we will change the form for next time.
    • Node Return Emails (daveruss)
      • Sent out sucessfully.

  • SUSU tasks
    • New committee
      • President - Marcus Cobden
      • Secretary - Lionel Perkin
      • Treasurer - Dave Tarrant
    • Presidents and Treasurers Socs Meeting (Leth)
      • Leth will bring his notes for next week.

  • Admin Tasks
    • Database Permissions Audit (crwilliams)
    • LDAP Query Permissions Audit (crwilliams)
      • Colin not present.
    • Login page needs updating.

  • SOWN Core Network Update (Davetaz and morse)
    • Scheduled server updates (and reboots)
      • Servers need dist-upgrade. Do NAT first, and deploy in downtime. Do VPN on thursday when colin is contactable to check nagios.
    • Scheduled rebuild of sown-nat
      • Rebuild from backup onto new hardware before erasing the old machine in order to spot areas we're missing backups.

  • 3rd Year Project Suggestions
    • Written up ideas need to be sent to Tim with a matter of urgency.

  • WiMAX (morse)
    • We have a diagram of building heights which need to be sent to CISCO (Scan is in secure docpot).
    • We need to find the height of the wall, which Davetaz should have on his iPhone

  • Extending Meraki Coverage (Lionel)
    • Needs a new name.
    • Lonel needs introducing to VoIP on sown-dev on a surgery

  • AOB
    • Radio society yearbook
      • Letter in the pigeon hole inquiring if we want to be in it.
      • Radio society of great Britain. Decided on not relevant.
    • Potential Surgery on the 30/31st may
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