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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/03/26 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 19 March 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 2 April 2009 19:00:00


  • SOWN[at]HOME Nodes (daveruss)
    • Return of University road #250
      • Contacted Node Host and Tutor and have had no response
      • Contact the original budget holder for SOWN[at]HOME nodes to see how to proceed
    • New Deployment problems
      • Lionel's Node is down because his hub is broken
      • Oxford Avenue (#261) - No progress

  • Admin tasks
    • mysql-replication problem on Sown-vpn
      • Drop sown_data on Sown-vpn and nothing seems to have broken
      • Will leave for at least a week to make sure there is no problem before removing replication
    • Nagios warnings for Sown-vpn's mysql backup (crwilliams)
      • Conflict between old and new backup scripts, old script now removed
    • PHP Code Cleanup
      • News/Meeting scraping scripts moved to Sown-auth (daveruss)
        • Scripts moved to auth and function added to get news/meetings in sown-common-functions
        • Ultimately this should use XSLT using the news and event feeds
    • Webpages have been made xhtml 1.0 strict valid. Nagios has been used to monitor the pages and not display logo if not valid
    • Wiki cleanup (crwilliams)
      • Andy will sort out getting his files that have broken links

  • SOWN Core Network Update (Davetaz)
    • Two new servers will arrive shortly (memory/hard disks already here)

  • Plans for potential Saturday Surgery
    • 5/6 people available for surgery this weekend. daveruss will send an email
    • Tasks
      • Writing General Presentation
      • Sorting out non htdocs files on helios
      • Wiki Cleanup (in particular broken links)
      • Using XSLT for News/Meetings gadgets
      • Sort out eduroam cloud

  • Extending Meraki Coverage (Lionel)
    • Found some 20dBI directional aerials for ~ 100 pound
    • Greater range could be donen through having two directional aerials (one transmit/one receive)

  • Link-Layer Filtering (morse)
    • No Progress

  • Documentation
    • General Presentation for SOWN
      • Do this at the surgery this weekend
    • Recovering presentations from Dell laptop with corrupt Windows partition (SjH)
      • (morse) has had a look ... its _very_ corrupt
    • ECS-installed XP machine has been backed-up to backup3.
      • To restore write the partition table to the disk using dd, reboot. dd the sda1 and sda2 images into the corresponding partitions.
    • Modifying wiki server pages to use a better template - Human readable text will appropriate tags generates the semantic data table

  • AOB
    • morse has implemented a script so you know which physical port a server is connected to.
    • morse has moved the routing code on dev (sown-vpn2) into PHP to aid `rapid development' of the eduroam-cloud.
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