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Meeting (to be) held on 2009/02/12 at 19:00 in Mary Campbell Room

Previous meeting: 5 February 2009 19:00:00 Next meeting: 19 February 2009 19:00:00


  • Re-advertising SOWN[at]HOME node hosting (daveruss and SjH)
    • 12 requests approved, of these 4 have been handed out before the meeting.
    • morse has added a `show_all=1' option to the node approval system.

  • SOWN[at]HOME Nodes with poor uptime (daveruss):
    • University road (#250)
      • This needs to be followed up when Davetaz returns.
    • Tennyson road (#257) - Fixed by SjH
      • Fixed. ath0 config was somehow duplicated onto eth0.

  • Admin Tasks
    • PHP code cleanup (Leth)
      • Stuart has been busy cleaning up the main login page. Will be deployed after dev8D.
    • Replacing cron jobs with ECS Webserver SVN
      • There are reasons we may wish to reconsider automatic portal deployments to auth. Discussed at length.
    • Comments on the New Setupnode scripts and Task List Queue
      • Stuart has re-jigged the script to have state, log errors and record sucess or failure.

  • General Presentations about SOWN
    • daveruss has uploaded Paul's presentation from 07/08 Semester 2 introductory meetings and SjH's draft presentation from from the 08/09 Semester 1 introductory meetings at
    • There is a presentation from MIPv6 on one of the Dell laptops, on a corrupt windows partition. Need to investigate getting it off.

  • WiMAX
    • No reply from Tim whether the message had been sent to Cisco. Will be chased up tomorrow and sent if not, by the end of the day (13/02/09).

  • Mobile IPv6 (SjH)
    • Testing of IPv6 on SUSU
      • SUSU needs some more testing, potentially broken, both v4 and v6.
    • Home agent testing
      • A firewall is blocking traffic somewhere. Work in progress.

  • 802.11r (Jos)
    • ath5k is reported to be working with the nodes in the newest version of OpenWRT.
    • Jos is taking a second node in order to actually test roaming between nodes (#254).

  • Location tracking (AndrewWillmott)
    • Andy is making a website! To allow users to add data. Work in Progress.

  • SOWN-single Eduroam cloud (SjH and Davetaz and morse)
    • In discussion at length, again, will be attempted when time permits.

  • Link-Layer Filtering (formerly Captive-DNS -> munging) (morse)
    • No progress. Morse has #270, needs adding to the database.

  • AOB
    • Morse suggested lending WiMAX adapters to undergraduates via ECS Stores.
    • Andy can't decide between Food and boxes of Tech.

  • Deferred Topics
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